In step with our city and state governments moving forward to make much needed changes to lessen the daily I-26 gridlock, and with the soon-to-be completed changes to the Ashley River Bridge to accommodate bike riders, it’s the perfect time for local employers and educational institutions to implement transportation incentives for their employees and students.

Let’s follow the forward-thinking and successful incentive programs of Austin, Portland, Nashville, Sacramento and Washington, D.C., and begin rewarding our students and employees who elect to leave their cars at home and either bike, ride-share, or ride CARTA to work or class every day.

Whether it be through reduced group rates on CARTA, a small biweekly or monthly payroll incentive for riding a bike rather than occupying a valuable parking spot, or ride-sharing with a neighbor or co-worker, such small changes to our daily habits could make a difference over time as more individuals participate.

And let’s not forget that bike racks, ride-share spots and CARTA drop-off sites are highly visible and convenient to our students and employees. Charleston is already a world class city; let’s move it up one more notch for our environment.

Rick Cone

Grove Street