One year ago there was a young adult red shoulder hawk in our neighbor’s backyard, unable to fly, only able to walk to a pond to drink. After providing food for it for a few days, it was apparent that he was extremely disabled.

I called the Center for Birds of Prey and within two hours a volunteer came to our home, captured the injured bird and brought him to the center. I asked them to contact us about the bird’s condition.

On June 13, Sara from the Birds of Prey Center called and said the bird had been very sick, lost his feathers and could not catch food. And one year later she remembered to call back, to say he had fully recovered, and they successfully released him to make a new home in the wild.

The care, dedication and compassion of the people who work and volunteer at this center is unprecedented.

I urge you to enjoy a visit to the center, or kindly contribute to this worthy cause at

Barbara Merritt

Arthur Hills Circle