Connect the dots around the Feb. 1 editorial complaining about the regulations to buy American products such as buses with American tax money, and you may see why the anti-Washington presidential candidates are gaining so much traction.

American corporations have rushed to locate production facilities in countries where the costs of labor, environmental protection and taxes are lower. This has resulted in cheaper products, higher profits for the top 10 percent and unfortunately the “hollowing out” of our middle class because of the loss of American jobs.

Politicians have claimed that it is our environmental regulations, high taxes and costly health insurance that are to blame for job losses. But many voters aren’t buying this argument because politicians they have sent to Washington to improve the situation always seem to make it easier for corporations to send jobs abroad.

Voters are supporting the anti-establishment guys who they hope will do better for the bottom 90 percent of us.

Americans are searching for legislators to overhaul the tax code, streamline regulations and grow the economy to generate more good jobs, but not by making our water, air and salaries more like those in China.

Charles Sieracki, Ph.D.

Rice Pond Road