As the mother of a child attending the Charleston County School District schools, the decision to select Gerrita Postlewait as the new superintendent has been disappointing. Qualified and capable though she may be, the process has been fraught with issues that have divided rather than united us at a time when many of us have expressed a desire to work together for a more just and inclusive community.

I’m concerned that the board’s decision exacerbates and reinforces the perception that engagement by all stakeholders, particularly in the African-American community, is superficial. A 5-4 vote for the appointment of a new superintendent does not send a positive message to parents, school district staff, principals or teachers, and does not provide the solid foundation that a future leader needs to succeed.

Our community is reeling from the trauma of the past few weeks, and our desire to move forward together must translate to school board members’ actions of transparency, inclusiveness and stakeholder participation.

I hope that Dr. Postlewait will consider declining the offer so that the CCSD board can initiate community and school discussions that demonstrate commitment to these three qualities. An outstanding public education depends on collective board leadership which demonstrates, with every decision, the critical importance of ensuring all our children’s futures.

Amanda Hollinger

E. Liberty Park Circle

North Charleston