I usually avoid going to the beach when it’s as hot as it has been the last few weeks. However, having company from the Northeast, I recently braved the sizzling temps with umbrella and SPF 50 in hand, and hat on head.

Everyone wants to go to the beach and enjoy our warm ocean waters. However, I have to ask: “What is wrong with people?” So many infants and toddlers had no hats on and little sign of sunscreen application. In one group, five adults sat under a canopy while a fair, approximately 6-month old with a sprinkle of red hair, played in the sun with her back looking pink.

We hear warnings not to leave our pets in a hot car. Well, how about leaving them home and not subjecting their paws to the scorching sand? Dogs get sunburned too. These are the “dog days” of summer. My pup wants to run back indoors and lie on the cold tile after a 10-minute walk.

Please take care of our little ones and pets while outdoors in the summertime. They can’t speak for themselves.

Carolyn Murphy

Country Manor Drive

Mount Pleasant