Requiring our students to take the citizenship test is a ridiculous idea.

The biggest lesson in citizenship in South Carolina that can be learned from this proposal is that your state legislators, supposedly our leaders, have no knowledge that our state’s high school students are already required to pass U.S. History and American Government in order to graduate.

The standards taught in U.S. History, as well as the required end-of-course test, are far more comprehensive than the simple citizenship test future citizens take.

And the standards for American Government our students are taught require much more than the basics naturalized citizens have to know for their multiple-choice test.

If legislators desire grandstanding they should push for immigrants to have the same background our students receive over the course of their entire public school careers. All K-12 of it.

Or they could hold a convention to propose an amendment to make it the law of the land that immigrants must take and pass the same classes native citizens are required to take.

But this is what they rally around instead of ethics reform?

Perhaps it is our Legislature that needs a refresher on civic responsibility and not the thousands of students who learn about our nation’s history and government and are required to pass existing tests to graduate.

Willie Dasinger

Trevor Street

North Charleston