Today is Workers Memorial Day. We ask you to remember those who have died and the millions who have been sickened or disabled because of their jobs.

In too many workplaces, employers cut corners and put workers in harm’s way. Workers, particularly undocumented immigrants, face great danger. They work in some of the most dangerous jobs often with little or no protection and have a much higher risk of being killed on the job.

Temporary workers and contract workers also are at great risk, as employers try to shirk responsibilities and contract out dangerous work. We must fight back. We can’t allow corporate greed to put workers in danger, drive down wages and destroy our communities. We need strong safety and health protections for all workers.

On this day as we pay tribute to workers who have lost their lives or been injured or made sick at work, we must remember who these workers are — our fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, sisters, mothers, daughters, and wives. Let’s work to make sure they come home safe to their families each day.

Erin McKee

Short River Court

Mount Pleasant