I am deeply saddened for the families of those who were murdered at Emmanuel AME Church, yet I am so very proud of the people of Charleston who are truly awesome in the sight of both God and man.

Unlike other cities in America where a tragedy was made worse by rioting and lawlessness, the people of Charleston and the families of the victims have turned instead to God and prayer and somehow, through their pain and suffering, even managed to express forgiveness to the perpetrator.

I’m also proud of the people of Charleston for not allowing outsiders to come in and stir up strife and civil unrest. We in Charleston and surrounding communities are standing united with the families in the face of this evil and violent crime because all lives matter.

Since the murders there have been nonstop prayer vigils in churches across the city. Christian pastors and Jewish rabbis have stepped up and shown solid leadership. For many years the Christian community in Charleston has been praying for revival and it appears God is answering because revival begins in the heart and is then manifested outwardly.

The families of those who were slain are a living testimony to their faith in God and a shining example to the world of how our Lord will take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it for good if we give Him first place in our lives. Charleston seems to be finally living up to its name as the “The Holy City.”

Kathleen Cox

Parc Vue Avenue

Mount Pleasant