We have lived on Nantahala Boulevard in the Wando Lakes subdivision for more than 10 years, and we love our quiet, residential community. Come what may in the form of big box stores and a never-ending series of speed humps, it’s nice. Almost every yard is proudly tended to.

My husband and I often walk the neighborhood, admiring a pretty flower garden or a new addition to a home. Part of this charm included the painted concrete street name posts at each intersection. They added to the charm of our neighborhood.

I recently came home after work to find that every one of the concrete posts had been removed and that standard aluminum poles with green and white signs had been installed.

I called the proper department at Town Hall and asked why the posts had to be replaced and if they had notified residents or our HOA (modest as it is), to advise that some changes were coming. A simple door-hanger would have done the job.

I understand the need for standard green reflective signs, especially for emergency personnel (even in this day of GPS navigation). But my questions about notifying anyone were met with a flat response that the streets belong to the town, not the property owners or an HOA, and that no notification is required. There was no good answer as to why the old concrete posts could not have remained in addition to the new ones.

Had they asked, I imagine a good many residents might have liked to have their old concrete posts as kind of a keepsake, maybe in their back yard. I know we would have, but they are long gone to a concrete pile somewhere.

The town really missed an opportunity here to at least look like it considers residents’ comments or questions, but that’s hardly anything new, is it?

Ellen Clark

Joe Clark

Nantahala Boulevard

Mount Pleasant