I read with great interest the article about Gov. Nikki Haley appointing Vince Graham to the post of chairman of the S.C. Transportation Infrastructure Bank.

I found it particularly interesting that Mr. Graham was noted for his development of the neighborhood of I’On. This is noteworthy in that it is in fact a terrific concept and has created a unique living environment.

There were two matters that were not mentioned that are equally noteworthy; Mr. Graham brings no experience or expertise to this posting and, perhaps more curious, Mr. Graham is in the midst of appealing a very significant judgment against him which was the result of a lawsuit brought by 760 homeowners of the same I’On community you noted.

One would think that this would have been divulged during the “vetting” process and might have caused Gov. Haley to pause on this appointment until this matter was fully resolved. In the name of full disclosure, I am an enthusiastic supporter of Gov. Haley, just puzzled by this.

John G. Krainin

Sowell Street

Mount Pleasant