The Islamic State is a hate group; no more, no less. This is pure evil thinly veiled in religious guise. There is no God-fearing religion practiced where there is torture, hate, murder.

The danger is growing. Such radical action attracts certain weak and lost individuals. Of course, even they can be dangerous.

I do not believe one should take another’s life. I struggle with this. But I do believe that I am supposed to protect myself and my loved ones. So there can come a time when eradication of a menace is called for. I believe it is here and now.

I urge our leaders to focus on this group immediately and eliminate this sick element of humanity. If we need a coalition of nations, fine; make the effort. I know this is complicated. But all the stops must be pulled, and we cannot wait for stragglers. We have the capability.

There are other monstrous groups like Boko Haram torturing people, beheading and pillaging communities in the world. They must be squashed, too. They should be next.

But this Islamic State crisis is intensifying. It won’t stop in the Middle East. “IS” and its offshoots are organizing more and better, and their numbers are growing. These crazed murderers taste success, and they are clever.

I will do what I can. I believe that every caring, life-loving, capable human being should. Please write your congressional representatives and our president.

That is a start.

The time is now.

Owen G. Meislin

Grove Street