When is enough enough? Over the past several years, I and the rest of the Charleston area community have been reading the articles by The Post and Courier opinion writers and letters to the editor by a small group of downtown complainers as they whine about why a cruise terminal shouldn’t be built.

First it was too many ships, and officials from the city and the State Ports Authority came to an agreement on the number of ships. Next it was complaining about soot on a resident’s balcony and attempting to blame it on the cruise ships. Then someone wrote to say they have soot on their balcony and they live miles away from the port.

The next complaint was air pollution. However, tests showed that the cruise ships were in compliance with all the required pollution regulations. That didn’t stop The Post and Courier from demanding the installation of shore power even though almost all of the ships (cruise and cargo) currently sailing the oceans of the world can’t hook up to shore power and the pollution of the power plant is worse (not to mention the cost).

Next an individual wrote about how unsightly the cruise ship was sitting at the dock. However, the huge cargo ships and car-carrying vessels that used to moor at that pier were never a problem. Let’s see, oh yes, then our good neighbors downtown complained about the congestion because of the cruise ship passengers, but a College of Charleston basketball game (in good years) can actually cause more congestion then the cruise ship. Now the next tactic is let’s move the terminal to a different neighborhood.

These cruise ships allow folks in Greenville, Columbia, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, and right here in Charleston County to be able to drive a reasonable distance to take an affordable vacation. A new terminal would allow cruise passengers to have a pleasant and functional place for departure and arrival here in Charleston.

It would enhance the image of Charleston with travelers and will entice them to return and spend more money on hotels, restaurants and shops. Let’s move on and get the terminal built and end this saga.

Rod Wallace

Middle Street

Sullivan’s Island