Re Kirkpatrick Sale’s commentary on the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War: One would think as a author Kirkpatrick Sale would check his facts before writing such a virulent attack on the brave men and women who served with honor in the Vietnam War.

Agent Orange is not a gas. It was a liquid sprayed to defoliate the thick jungle where we soldiers and Marines were fighting. Mr. Sale’s statement that it killed or maimed millions is so far from the truth as to be delusional. As to Hamburger Hill, it was a real and heroic battle. I’m afraid “Full Metal Jacket” was just another movie.

Another missed fact by Mr. Sale was that the North Vietnamese Army certainly did wear uniforms. However, Mr. Sale leaves his best for last. His poison pen dishonors those who are still missing in action in Vietnam. Maybe he should talk to some of the families of these soldiers and Marines. He might learn something.

Ken Folchi

Sea Foam Street