I was astounded to read Dec. 4 that our state Legislature will be contemplating spending millions of dollars to enlarge the Confederate Museum in Columbia in order to pay homage to a flag that has been a wedge between people, a symbol of hurt and pain for many in our state. Where is this money to come from? We don’t seem to have the resources for the very basic needs of our citizens.

Our highways and bridges are in such poor condition that they threaten life and limb. I remember growing up in South Carolina and seeing signs at the state line bragging about the quality of our highways. Today we don’t have the money or the stomach to levy taxes to pay for these necessities.

Our public school teachers struggle to provide quality education while each year S.C. public schools are rated among the worst in the nation because our legislators will not provide them the tools they need. The mantra is “no more taxes!”

It’s time we reassess our values that allow us to ignore our roads, bridges and schools while contemplating spending millions of tax dollars to honor a divisive symbol of our past. Let us have pride in our past, but let us live for the future.

Robert A. Seigel

Rice Field Lane

Mount Pleasant