The mission of the Peninsula Advisory Commission is to help safeguard the quality of life of the residents of the peninsula and to address issues essential to the maintenance of the delicate balance among the competing influences of the peninsula.

The Peninsula Advisory Commission is composed of community leaders, business leaders and most importantly, parents. Essential to a successful, livable city is the effective education of the children of our community.

The Charleston County School Board is charged with this task, and it is essential that this responsibility be executed in a transparent, fair, objective and thoughtful manner.

The recent actions by the Charleston County School Board do not instill confidence that this responsibility is being carried out in a way that will best serve our schools, students and communities.

In our opinion, the effectiveness of any superintendent selected under the process currently being pursued by the board will be hampered from the outset and our schools and our children will suffer.

We urge the school board to start this important selection process over again so that our citizens can be assured that methods used to choose our next school district superintendent are viewed by all as fair, ethical and transparent.

William Cogswell

Chair, Executive Committee

Peninsula Advisory Commission

Cool Blow Street


This letter was also signed by these members of the commission: Katharine S. Robinson, Rick Jerue, Steve Gates and Ray Huff