Caution. Proceed with care. Beware of foreign entanglements. Use due diligence. Know your enemy. Do your homework. These are all sound catchphrases, but do our nation’s leaders have the requisite understanding of the advice these words convey?

It seems abundantly clear after six years of confusion and misdirection that the leader of our nation is miasmic when he glances across our borders and over the oceans that have become increasingly narrow.

Much that our leader has done through his single-mindedness has come back to bite him. There are examples, but look at the latest regarding his approach to Cuba. Are Cuban demands for the return of Guantanamo and for reparations, conditions he didn’t anticipate when he made his overture?

If not, it speaks further to his naivete on foreign policy and in preserving our national interests. If so, it is further evidence of his go-it-alone propensity and beguiling nature in effecting policies that concern all Americans.

Through his cunning, he likely figured his vow to close Guantanamo could be actualized through rapprochement with Cuba while accomplishing his oft-stated desire to release its “unfortunate” residents, who should have freedom to do as they please.

In addition to being a prison for terrorists, Guantanamo has strategic importance as a military establishment. Unfortunately, his blundering across the globe has weakened our nation in prestige and left it less secure.

Our Founding Fathers, such as Washington, Jay, Hamilton, Adams, Jefferson and Madison, debated the interests of our nation. It would be reassuring to know that our current leaders thought enough of our nation, and less of their egos and presumed place in history, to deliberate with protagonists and antagonists on momentous issues confronting America. We live in a democracy, don’t we? The axiom, government by and for the people, is jeopardized by headstrong leaders.

It is disingenuous of our leader to declare there is no war on terror, whereas reality displays brutal and inhuman acts daily by dastardly individuals and groups.

Certainly the label of terrorists fits and they cannot be regarded as the misguided. Thus as we combat despicable elements, it is truly a “war on terror,” as viewed by any definition of the term.

William J. Boudreau

Foreign Service Officer


Cobby Creek Lane

Seabrook Island