Driving to Summerville by Highway 61 or the River Road, as we used to call it, past Magnolia and Middleton Gardens, the blooming wisteria brought back fond memories.

Back in 1929 my parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Coming Ball, moved from Charleston to Summerville. Dad was a Realtor with his office in Charleston, and he drove to and from Summerville and Charleston every day.

Our yard in Summerville had large trees and most were covered by wisteria. Dad would collect the seeds in large numbers, and when he took the River Road to Charleston he would throw wisteria seeds out on each side of the road.

He did this every year when the wisteria went to seed. He knew that most of the seeds would be eaten by squirrels, rabbits, etc., so he made sure he spread a lot around.

It was not long before you could see the results and even today when you drive the road in early spring you see wisteria on either side of the road where the trees close to the road have not been cut.

Sometimes small things can turn into larger things as time goes by.

Ed Ball

Eastlake Road

Mount Pleasant