One of the sustaining tenets of the Spoleto Festival is that “were it not for Spoleto Festival USA, the Southeast would have very little exposure to contemporary opera, international dance and theater companies.”

Having seen “A Streetcar Named Desire” on stage and in the movie starring Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando, my wife and I were drawn to the Scottish Ballet rendition and purchased orchestra tickets for the fourth and last performance, May 24.

On that day, we found we would be unable to use the tickets.

I called the Spoleto box office and asked that our seats be given away so that two other people (perhaps unable to afford to purchase tickets) could enjoy what we were missing. To my surprise, that request was denied.

Such a cavalier denial would hardly seem to comport with the spirit and expectations of Spoleto.

From all I know of the performance, the Scottish Ballet brought to Charleston a remarkable version of an American classic, described by your reviewer as “a stirring drama that allowed the classically oriented company to show off its storytelling skills as well as the technical virtuosity of its dancers.”

Should members of that company have gazed upon empty seats, I hope they did not conclude that the vacancies were because of any lack of interest.

Sebastian Gaeta Jr.

Magnolia Meadows Drive

Mount Pleasant