In the Jan. 26 Business and Tech Section this headline appeared: “Some say the Fed may have acted too soon.” It explained factors that have caused Wall Street to be in such an uproar. Should that not be “downroar”?

The article certainly added credence to my idea of changing the spelling of the word, “economy.”

Given that many of us are being forced to tighten our belts, the spelling should be “ekeonomy.” Many who have very little to start with are really scared. Their spelling would be “eekonomy.”

Finally, the article failed to mention that neither Social Security nor military retirement checks showed an increase this year. With apologies to Seven-Up, I’m going to think of this as the real “UNCOLA.”

Now as I remove my tongue from my cheek, I’ll hope for a better year than it has started out to be. Please join me.

Carl Marjenhoff

Hildebrand Drive

Bonneau Beach