Gov. Nikki Haley said at Morris Brown AME Church that the murders of nine people at the AME church “is not South Carolina,” but that the subsequent outpouring of love is.

Really? I wonder how many people heard this young man’s racist rants over the years and nodded in acquiescence. How many went along and nodded? How many white people, myself included, have either nodded or failed to say anything when someone said the N word or spoke the speech of hate? This happens all the time in South Carolina.

I have heard it for 30 years, almost daily in South Carolina. If you are white, you have too. Few white people express disagreement, let alone disgust.

I have never heard anyone challenge hate speech in a small group setting although I have personally heard some form of this kind of speech literally thousands of times in South Carolina.

Most often I myself have just let it go, and I was wrong to do so. There is a lot of race hatred in South Carolina. It’s not just one lone nut. Hate is a big part of South Carolina and someone needs to say it out loud.

So what to do? Realize it is wrong. Even if a black person wronged you personally, which is probably not the case for the vast majority of white folks, realize that hate is wrong and destructive to our society. It takes personal strength to not go along with a crowd.

If you believe in God, do you really think he put different races on this Earth so you could have someone to hate and oppress? Or is that just the way you can feel superior? You know better. God wants you to change. One way or another, you will be rewarded for doing so.

Andrew M. Weiner

Bowen’s Island Road