I am one of the “naysayers” of the bike lane, as labeled by The Post and Courier. Here is my math on the projected delay from the Highway Department. The bridge is 1,633 feet long. At 35 mph, a seven-second delay equates to a 22 percent increase in travel time.

So take whatever your commute is and add 22 percent to get your real delay. This is the best it will ever be as more traffic is added every day. From my neighborhood I turn right onto Folly Road, which is bumper-to-bumper. When the light turns green, there is nowhere to go because traffic is completely backed up.

The progressive utopia that The Post and Courier and special-interest groups see where people abandon their cars and gleefully pedal through 90 degree heat and 90 percent humidity to work is based on as much truth as the phony delay figures.

Speak up, people, because vocal members of Charleston Moves and others are cramming this down your throat. Let’s start a special interest group of commuters. How about Charleston Crawls?


Sayle Road