The period for public comments to BOEM (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management) about Gov. Haley’s desire to explore for oil off of South Carolina’s coast has ended. However, BOEM says that ultimately it will be Gov. Haley who will decide the fate of oil exploration in South Carolina, and she can be contacted at any time at

One argument against oil exploration is that an oil disaster could seriously damage the S.C. coast.

An even stronger argument is that the world already has more known reserves of fossil fuels than can safely be burned.

Any fossil fuels burned over 565 gigatons will push global temperatures over 4° F, and scientists and the United Nations have said we must not exceed 4° F if we want to sustain civilization.

The world’s proven fossil fuel reserves are worth $27 trillion, which is equivalent to 2,795 gigatons of carbon dioxide (“This Changes Everything’” page 148). This amount is almost five times more than we can safely burn.

Therefore, most of the oil that has already been discovered needs to stay in the ground. So why is South Carolina proposing to search for more?

We should be divesting in oil and investing in wind and solar.


Burwell Lane