Summer is a time when Americans proudly recognize our nation, its founders and its heroes, particularly on July 4th, Independence Day. Many of those celebrations resound with the color and sounds of fireworks displays. The professional ones are choreographed to music. One song that is almost always included probably should not be a part of the celebration. I refer to Bruce Springsteen's “Born in the USA.”

Yes, the chorus sounds like something we should all be singing along with proudly. However, if one pays attention to the words, one would find that this song presents thoughts of a bitter young man who was drafted to fight in Vietnam and regrets that he had to do so.

On his return he discovers that no one has any pity for him after his ordeal, nor is there any work for him back home. He sings out that it should not be like this for him as he was “born in the USA” and therefore deserving of a better fate.

I suggest that those presenting patriotic songs on this day or any other time think twice before including this tune. There is much more to Springsteen's intended message than what the chorus appears to suggest.

Mark Palasek

Stamby Place

Mount Pleasant