A friend recently asked if I could give her a ride to Outback so she could pick up her schedule. I drove her there and pulled under a tree in the shade.

Suddenly a police car pulled behind me, and an officer came up and asked for my drivers license. I gave it to him and he ran it. He came back to the car and wanted to know how I like living in Runaway Bay. I told him I like it.

How long have I lived there? Six months. How long have I been in Mount Pleasant? Twenty five years. I asked the officer why he was asking me these questions.

You don’t have to answer any more questions if you don’t want to, he said. We try to be proactive here in Mount Pleasant. We like to stop crime before it happens.

Golly, I want to live next to you, I said.

My friend returned to the car and we drove away.

Now I did nothing wrong. I am an upstanding citizen in the community, run a small business and have never been in any trouble with the law.

I do not understand this type of proactivity. I felt a bit intimidated. This must stop.

James K. Brumby

Runaway Bay Lane

Mount Pleasant