Last week as I sat in another traffic backup on Maybank Highway I began to wonder where I would be if I-526 were finished from James Island to West Ashley. I was reminded of John Burbage’s Jan. 17 column about not finishing I-526.

The column was a good laugh. The alternatives to finishing I-526 that Mr. Burbage brought forward were 1) Create a water taxi between Mount Pleasant and downtown. That started me laughing. 2) Start zoning responsibly. I agree with Mr. Burbage on this but respectfully ask where he was 30 years ago. 3) He wrote about using the Greenway in West Ashley for bicycles.

I was then almost in tears laughing, and by the way, I could be wrong, but I do not believe anyone sitting in traffic with me the other day was remotely thinking about a bicycle ride down the Greenway.

Let’s be serious. We need the improvements to the intersections at Maybank Highway and River Road and also Main Road and Highway 17 completed with haste. We need I-526 long-term, and the only alternative we should be considering is how to get it built. The zoning was done years ago and the building has begun.

Bert Atkinson

Fleming Road