To enter the United States from abroad, an American citizen has to be able to prove that he was born in the United States usually with a passport, but a government-issued birth certificate and photo I.D. can be used.

That is the case for both American born and naturalized citizens. The same is true for most, if not all foreign countries.

What if Donald Trump is elected president and he orders the military to gather all its transport aircraft, and he commandeers all the airlines’ aircraft (by renting them or nationalizing them by presidential order), and he has the military round up all illegal immigrants (as we did with West Coast Japanese-Americans during World War II), and he loads the planes and sends them to our neighbors to the south? What would make him, his rabid followers, American conservatives, the GOP, etc., remotely think that the recipient countries are going to accept these refugees with or without proof of citizenship?

How many good American conservatives think that even the minutest portion of the illegal immigrants is going to have proof of citizenship?

Those who have them after years, possibly decades, of living in this country, would do well when the deportations start to destroy their foreign documentation.

Those from high-crime countries (such as Guatamala) would most likely claim Mexican birth.

So maybe the press should start asking Trump what his “immigration plan” says to do when all of these countries simply say, “No!”

Gary C. Davis

Windmill Creek Road