For many years I’ve been frustrated by the growing size of our high schools.

When my granddaughter graduated from Stratford High over 800 seniors were in her class.

Students graduate without even having met many of their classmates with whom they have spent four years. Socially they miss many things that could have enhanced their high school experience.

With mega schools there is still only one valedictorian, one salutatorian, only 11 varsity football starters, only one set of cheerleaders and the same with all the other sports.

The distance students and faculty must travel puts strain on the infrastructure. More buses and drivers increase the cost of education and rob families of time and the taxpayers of treasure.

Before we build another school of any kind, a select committee of businessmen, mayors and educators needs to weigh the pros and cons of having such large facilities that rob students of high school social experiences.

Merrill D. Ridgway

McRoy Street

North Charleston