Slavery to blame

In an April 21 letter titled “Lincoln’s war” the writer states that “slavery was one of the leading causes behind the secession of many states.” I wonder if he has ever read “Confederate States of America — Declaration of the Immediate Cases Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from The Federal Union.” According to that document, slavery was not one the leading causes of secession, it was the only cause.

That document is 27 paragraphs long. The first 14 paragraphs give a synopsis and history of the Constitution. The last 13 paragraphs give the specific reasons why South Carolina had to secede from the union. No other reason than slavery is ever mentioned. Slavery (or fugitive, person held to service, etc.) is mentioned nine times directly or indirectly.

The document even objects to several Northern states passing laws which “nullify the Acts of Congress.” Yet South Carolina is still trying to pass nullification laws.

Anyone who has read the above document and still feels that slavery was not the main cause of secession and the South’s willingness to fire on Fort Sumter to start the Civil War is simply trying to rewrite history or to justify the unjustifiable.

Neal Gittleman

Park West Boulevard

Mount Pleasant