Your lead headline this past June 9 was, to put the best possible face on it, extravagantly misleading. It read: “Slager prosecution ‘has just begun.’ ”

In fact, former North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager has already been tried and convicted many times over on the front page of The Post and Courier since mid-April.

The whole messy constitutional business of due process and, at last, perhaps an actual trial before an impartial jury of his peers, will be just an annoying and expensive formality. Simply theater.

I trust that Mr. Slager’s attorney will seek a change of venue (perhaps to Antarctica or Patagonia or some other remote jurisdiction where the jury pool may not yet have been muddied and polluted by relentless tabloid “journalism”) in hopes he may get a fair trial, in which — dare we even imagine— facts and evidence may count for something.

C.W. Watson

Bull Street