There is one thing I would like to say to Hillary Clinton: Goodbye. One of the main reasons I would like her to forego a presidential run is so we will not have to watch her dodge questions, distort the truth and lawyer-talk us to death over the next two years.

Getting to the bottom of things is like looking at a cold case file. You know the truth is in there somewhere, but there is no way to bring it to the surface; she has too much power and money and can keep things hidden. She is yesterday’s news with the same old issues.

I would like to see a fresh face and approach to moving our country in the right direction. That person is not Hillary. Back in the 1990s William Safire, a columnist for the New York Times, labeled Hillary a congenital liar. She has done nothing down through the years to prove him wrong.

Recently at a meeting with journalists she mentioned a “new beginning” for her in which she would keep no more secrets. But she deleted 30,000 emails. She says one thing and does another.

Let’s hope that a rising star will emerge from the Democratic party to challenge her, and that in November 2016 we have a clear choice between two good candidates. Our country deserves something better than it is getting.

June Decker

Sanderson Lane