Since February, standing-room crowds of “concerned citizens” have packed every public meeting on redevelopment plans for the Sergeant Jasper property to voice their opposition to every proposal put forth by the Beach Company. Without fail, those in opposition claim that they are doing so out of concern for their “community.”

At the June 3 Board of Architectural Review meeting, Robert Gurley of the Preservation Society of Charleston even went so far as to declare that the most recent proposal put forth by the Beach Company is “a violent interruption” on nearby neighborhoods.

This leads one to ask: How many of these “concerned citizens” attended the recent fund-raiser at the International Longshoremen’s Association Hall to help offset the escalating medical bills of sweet young Tyreik Gadsden, whose life was forever changed by what was truly a “violent interruption”?

Who among them have contributed to the Tyreik Gadsden Benefit Fund?

If one is genuinely concerned about his “community,” then he should be concerned about the well-being of the entire community, not just what takes place in his well-groomed backyard.

Randolph Pritchard

Stefan Drive