The process of expropriation occurs when a public agency takes private property for a purpose deemed to be in the public interest. It is a tool used typically by socialist governments that results in despair and ultimately complete failure. I watched it take place in Venezuela over the last 16 years. The country is bankrupt.

What took place last Friday regarding the vote to “study” 15 properties along Shem Creek, with the intent to evaluate the cost to acquire them for use as parks (for which, by the way, the voters opposed a tax increase as recently as four months ago) is a sign of socialism.

This property, and its owners, have earned the use by investing in them. They received prior town approval for its use, served this town by supporting our quality of life by providing a place of leisure or employment, and contributed by means of tax revenue to our community. Some want to take it away. My hope and prayer is that folks come to their senses. Government should not interfere with the private sector but help build it in a responsible way.

We already have a waterfront park in Mount Pleasant. We need roads, infrastructure. Next time let’s meet at the intersection of Joe Rouse Road and Highway 41, at 7:30 a.m. to debate this issue. Make sure you leave home early to be on time. Find out what the voters on that side of Mount Pleasant think about how best to spend our tax dollars.

Richard Garcia

Shellring Circle

Mount Pleasant