Back in October when Ebola was all the rage for the fear-mongering cable news talking heads, the incessant talk was about sealing off Liberia from the rest of the world and about how Ebola was on its way here and it might even be a good time to start making provisions to move into underground bunkers.

Now that Liberia is essentially Ebola-free and the United States came through essentially unscathed — I think it’s fair to say that our Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and government did an outstanding job managing this outbreak. We should be proud Americans and thankful for that.

As difficult as it may be for many to digest, our best-in-the world immunologists at the CDC actually know more about managing viral outbreaks than Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, et al.

And while it’s good to remain vigilant and call out the government when it is wrong and lies to us, it’s also very useful to call out those in the media when they get it wrong and play the fear card with the intention of promoting an atmosphere of confusion and misinformation. To continue to give these fear-mongers a free pass when they get it totally wrong will only encourage them to continue their reckless form of journalism.

Joe Andreski

Sound View Drive

Mount Pleasant