Anytime one hears of a senseless crime it is sad. When one learns of senseless murders in his own town this sadness increases exponentially and the community also feels fear. When one can place a name and face to a senseless murder it becomes personal and the grief is enormous.

This happened when Cynthia Hurd was senselessly murdered in the Mother Emanuel Church along with eight other special people.

A librarian at the John L. Dart Library, she was a shining light who, for years, helped me and many others enjoy the library and find good books to read. She was always quick with a smile and an offer to help.

It was a loss to the Dart library when she left for St. Andrews, but the other wonderful folks who work there keep up her good work, and I am quite sure the St. Andrews Library benefited greatly from her being there.

I’ll always remember her greeting me with a smile, saying in a soft voice, “Hey, Mr. Hay.” The people of Charleston have suffered a huge loss, but Cynthia will be remembered forever.

Bud Hay

Romney Street