I read Brian Hicks’ sly, back-handed way of raising funds to help Robert Ford pay his fine for corrupting his office.

I have to admire the way Mr. Hicks offers praise for such an esteemed member of society and how he has helped so many in his selfless task of public service. He tries to present him as a man to be pitied, not scorned.

It’s like people saying in astonishment that the kindly neighbor they have lived beside for years, who was found to have been an embezzler, “I would never have guessed. He was such a good man.”

Mr. Hicks wants you and me to think that Robert Ford is a great man at heart. He just had that one slip. I wonder if a Republican politician who violated public trust and used campaign monies for his own personal gain would be treated the same way. Would Mr. Hicks write that those who were violated now contribute to help him?

I don’t think so.

Oren Wood

Highway 162