Well over 99 percent of the April 20 letter titled “Respect science” is accurate — except the letter writer’s profiling of religions.

As two Bible-believing Christians, we are not “threatened by evolution”; rather, we choose to believe that there is no conflict between evolution and creation, that it is totally reasonable for our omnipotent Creator God to have used the process of evolution, and that the creation account of Genesis does not necessarily refer to material creation but rather to such factors as time and weather.

The letter writer is correct: The Bible is not a science book. Science for a modern age materialized in the 16th century and continues to the present.

Science is not responsible for the origin of the universe and life as we know it. It only discovers, observes and experiments with a given: God’s created order. Science creates nothing, nor does evolution.

Evolution, as a scientific theory, cannot answer a myriad of questions for which it is not designed, such as the existence of life itself, the unique and special self- and God-awareness in human beings and our purpose in life. That’s where faith — and “the creation story of Genesis” — come in.

Intelligent design (ID) is also not creationism. ID is simply another world view that suggests there must be a “designer” — just not God. Scientists of every discipline still recognize this amazing brilliant natural order that continually sustains itself, given to us by a supernatural God. This, to us, is a much better world view.

David G. Neal

South Main


David P. Brien, D.Min.

Indigo Lane

Goose Creek