Steve Bailey’s Jan. 28 column, “The real Academic Magnet scandal in plain sight,” about the Academic Magnet High School, made me realize that we have much work to do.

It is 2016, and I am still reading about an education system that appears to serve the needs of some students and leaves other students out. As the column stated, 52 years ago Brown v. Board of Education ruled that “separate but equal” was unequal.

The Academic Magnet, with 2.8 percent of its students black, is the whitest public high school in South Carolina. That is not saying much for the Charleston County School District.

Next year’s graduating class at Magnet is on track to include two black graduates out of 150 in the class. This is awful, and for the Charleston County School District to use the motto “Where Excellence Is Our Standard” is far from the truth.

We all deserve the best education that a school district can offer.

Krislynn Rambert

Burke High School

President Street