Having kept up with stories related to the Charleston County School District budget debacle, I was deeply concerned to read the district overspent its budget by $1.5 million on salaries in the nursing services department.

It concerns me on many levels, but the one that is most concerning is the idea the district will cut the budget there.

I have borne witness to the work the extremely talented women and men of nursing services provide to the children of our school district. For a large majority, it’s the only health provider they have.

The rates of diabetes alone are astronomical, and these people provide a life-saving service to these children. We have largely forgotten that the childhood obesity epidemic is alive and well and children’s health is at an all-time precarious state.

Maybe the cuts should come at the top administrative level, namely at the district’s “Taj Mahal” on Calhoun Street, but please do not sacrifice a vital service to many children who so desperately need it.

Louis Yuhasz

Hartnett Boulevard

Isle of Palms