I could not believe the headline in the March 29 Post and Courier.

When did the users of SCE&G service become the bailout source for the company pension fund? Because of bad decisions on the part of company management, they want us to pony up monies for the $18.9 million shortfall in their fund.

Why don’t the CEO and his staff of more than well paid employees (salaries and bonuses) fill that gap?

This is an internal issue that should be solved by the company management and certainly not the general public.

SCE&G officials know that they have a captive audience, in essence the only game in town for electrical power services.

They cannot be allowed to ask us to make up the monies.

It tells me and many others that there should be some type of investigation of that fund and the people managing it.

Ellen Beckmann

Lt. Col., U. S. Army (Retired)

Beechcraft Street