Much interest has been shown in the preservation of the USS Clamagore. The funding of the project is the primary obstacle of this very important opportunity to save this one-of-a-kind submarine.

It is a science classroom that could motivate and inspire students and future military personnel. It is a monument to the brave and dedicated men and women who have served our country and died defending the freedom that you now enjoy.

It was a mistake to keep it in salt water for display. It should have been dragged out on land and encased in cement. The outside hull of a submarine is not of great interest. The interior is what needs to be displayed. The Clamagore’s interior is in perfect shape and should be preserved.

I am sure that an engineer could develop a plan to build a ramp and drag it sideways up near the Vietnam display and set it in cement with steps provided to enter the hull. It probably weighs 2,500 tons; that would require four cranes with 650-ton capacity.

Maybe some crane company would donate some of the expense in exchange for the publicity.

If anyone is interested please go to the “Save the Clamagore” website for more information. Also check out the Patriots Point website for the Clamagore and other interesting historical displays.

The submarine that I served on, the USS Sennet, was the sister ship to the Clamagore, and I was privileged to be on many cruises and in many ports with the Clamagore and her great crew.

Marvin M. White

Mewville Road