Based on The Post and Courier coverage of the possible temporary closing of South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, I have two conclusions:

1) The move would be costly because both closing and later reopening are in themselves expensive, and the negative publicity and loss of accreditation would murder recruitment.

2) The S.C. State Board of Trustees and the General Assembly must cooperate to solve the current financial woes.

The Feb. 14 Post and Courier referred to a “promised $500 million lawsuit on the school’s behalf.” To raise money for this anticipated legal battle, the Save SCSU Legal Fund has been established. That is $500 million to fight closing the college over a $70 million debt.

Why in the name of common sense not set up a Save SCSU Fund to pay off the $70 million debt?

Or have I hit on the root problem — an institution run sans common sense?

Joyce Felts

Marsh Point Drive