I am writing in regard to Brian Hicks’ column on Century Aluminum. The column is so one-sided it makes me wonder what is his motive, because it is all about Santee Cooper being this horrible entity.

Santee Cooper has given $130 million in power costs to Century Aluminum since 2012. Santee Cooper supports plants starting up and investing in construction and job creation, not to subsidize an industry that is over capacity.

I feel bad for the workers who have so much to lose, but it is not Santee Cooper’s fault. Gov. Nikki Haley has said that they have done all they can do.

Lastly, I do not work for Santee Cooper, but these attacks on them and their leaders have gone too far. The real culprit here is cheap imports, and that is a federal problem.

Tom Hamilton

Bradley Bend Drive

Moncks Corner