Mark Sanford cannot go unchallenged in his proposed public transit cuts (Post and Courier, April 17). His logic is false and his claims are querulous.

If he thinks that our cars have become energy efficient to the extent that it makes a difference, he is mistaken. Spend 30 minutes observing the speed and size of personal vehicles on the Cooper River bridge. Most defy any evidence that we have energy issues.

Sanford insists that “if you don’t put into the pot, you shouldn’t take out.” A substantial number of CARTA users ride to minimum wage employment, often working two jobs and still living under poverty levels. It seems to me that they do much more than their share.

His argument that he doesn’t support legislation that contains extraneous or misleading mission or expenditure is as disingenuous as the suggestion that public transit is better funded from the general budget than from the trust fund.

Sanford has been in the U.S. House for nearly four terms; he should know that trust funds are more secure than general federal funds that members of Congress can manipulate and re-direct easily.

Perhaps the most insulting part of his narrative is Sanford’s claim that he is concerned with the “sanctity” of the Highway Trust Fund. Our former governor seems to have forgotten the accountability, integrity and sanctity with which he dispatched the public funds of the citizens of South Carolina.

Cermette Clardy Jr.

Carolina Boulevard

Isle of Palms