The election process is in full speed, and we, as well as other states, are attempting to make decisions based upon candidates’ records.

On the Democrat ticket are two candidates with serious problems hanging over their heads pertaining to what they have and have not accomplished during their years in politics. Bernie Sanders’ history is an issue that many Americans are unaware of and need to know. My relatives were from Vermont, and I graduated from the University of Vermont College of Medicine when Vermont was the most conservative state in the union. Now, Vermont is the most liberal state.

Sanders came there from Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1968. He ran for political office and lost four times as a member of the Liberal Union Party. He was finally elected as the mayor of Burlington.

He never owned a business, never invented anything. He never proposed a single bill that passed during his 25 years as a representative and then senator in Washington. Yet he claims, at 74 years of age, that he can fix health care and the economy. His reputation and background are just like those of Karl Marx, who succeeded at nothing.

Everyone is aware of the issues concerning Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state and her email scandal. William Safire, a prominent New York Times columnist, once labeled Hillary “a congenital liar,” based upon her past reputation.

We need to elect a president with a successful and honest track record.

Robert L. Fenning, M.D.

Belted Kingfisher Road

Johns Island