There have been several letters recently about whether safety or scenic beauty should be the key issue on I-26.

My wife and I drove from Sydney to Melbourne on the Princess Highway in Australia. It is a very scenic coastal highway that is comparable to our interstate. The speed limit is 110 kilometers (approximately 70 mph) and is widely observed by all vehicles. There were no billboards for advertising, but many related to safety. A few examples were, “Are you keeping three seconds behind the vehicle in front of you?” and “Are you tired? Take a power nap.”

Drive-off areas were available every few miles to park for a rest. Larger rest areas, similar to ours here in South Carolina, were available at about the same intervals as ours.

Another billboard that caught our eyes was, “What’s your hurry? You’ll be dead forever.”

The Australian approach to balancing safety and beauty on its highways was thought provoking.

Larry Nysveen

Hollyridge Lane