I appreciated the Feb. 13 article about Laurel Hill Park in Mount Pleasant. The property is a wonderful asset to our community, and the article did a good job highlighting the current uses this gift enables.

Readers may be interested to know that on Feb. 28 they will have a chance to experience the trails by participating in the Second Annual Christ Church 5K Run.

Walkers and runners can register at www.christch.org, or at the park the morning of the event.

While being a fun and healthy way to spend a Saturday morning, it is also for a great cause.

All proceeds will go toward building a church in an area of northern Kenya that is so economically bleak that worshippers there hold church under a tree.

Last year’s event enabled Christ Church to build one church in that region, and we hope for more.

So come out for a good cause, or just because its a great place to do a 5K Run.

The Rev. Ted Duvall

William Hapton Way

Mount Pleasant