Much is being written about the inability of our state government to find ways to fund necessary highway construction and infrastructure improvements. Realizing any tax increase seems to be beyond the scope of our political class who fear they would be tarred and feathered, I suggest the electorate, the Legislature and governor consider a simple fact:

According to the Department of Revenue, 29.5 percent of all gasoline sold in South Carolina is sold to people in cars bearing out-of-state plates.

Now suppose you owned a business in need of new facilities to either maintain your business or grow it for the future.

A stranger walked through your door and said “I will assume the responsibility for a third of your new plant, no strings, and you will never see me again.”

As a business person, would you take that deal? If not you should immediately be fired and replaced with someone who can count.

I realize we do not want to pay more taxes. But political inertia in the face of the aforementioned fact might lead one to believe neither our governor nor those who want to promote South Carolina as welcoming business really understand business at all.

Robert Bell

Navigators Run

Mount Pleasant