I am all in favor of increasing the gas tax to fix our roadways in South Carolina and especially in the Lowcountry. I only hope Gov. Nikki Haley will hold the SCDOT responsible for shoddy repaving work that the “good ole boy” contractors have been doing for several years.

It seems that they don’t know or don’t care that they cover manholes in the roadway then come back and dig them out, leaving a hole that can cause damage to your vehicle alignment and cause motorists to swerve away from them.

These companies need to ride down Old Trolley Road in Summerville and see how a professional company does it. The manhole covers are even with the roadway, resulting in a smooth ride and no need to swerve. I hope the SCDOT takes notice since we taxpaying motorists are paying for their failure to supervise contractors.

Robert L. Minter

Mimosa Street

North Charleston