Re the May 2 article “More bus riders needed”: CARTA would do well to put together a few trips from various locations just to show people how easy it can be to get from A to B for pleasure or work-related trips on the bus for those convenient to a stop.

Recently my wife and I took buses in New York City and Washington, D.C., while exploring. It reminded us of when we were kids and taking the bus was our only mode of transportation to get to the movies 10 miles away from our little town and was a cinch to do. We realized it is still an easy way to do more targeted trips.

More to the point: The root word for miserable is miser, and miserable is also a good description for many of our state’s roads and bridges.

It is pure folly to think the roads will get fixed and modernized without a targeted gas tax for transportation needs. Most importantly, it is a use tax — you want to drive on the roads you need to chip in.

The state Legislature needs to sort this out and get this done this year. Phase it in, if it is more palatable, but make a plan and get it passed. There is no doubt also in my mind that reducing the income tax can still be accomplished if all the waste is identified.

Dayle Fish

Tall Sail Drive