I would like to respond to the Jan. 16 column by Richard Schreadley.

President Obama was naïve to believe the Republicans would govern in good faith rather than conspire in any way possible to regain control. He learned soon enough that being bipartisan was a losing battle due to the GOP’s priority of regaining control.

As for Schreadley’s points:

1) How much better off would the world situation be if Obama had impulsively sent and kept troops who were exhausted with repeated deployments (almost every other year for some) into the middle of Sunni-Shia, Turk-Kurd, Iran-Saudi (et al) conflicts that will continue in the Middle East? If our military had been subjected to Sharia law due to no longer having immunity in Iraq, imagine Schreadley’s column criticizing that decision.

Pandora’s box was opened by an impulsive/manipulative move by the George W. Bush administration, which will haunt many administrations to come. There were no good options. The Soviet Union learned the dangers of a long-term Afghanistan quagmire.

2) The economic recovery could be better, but after 2008 it could be much worse. When China falters, it affects the world. When corporations consider relocating rather than pay their share of taxes, they shift viability to other sources. And their profit depends more on low wages and low environmental, health and workplace obligations than taxes. American corporations are multinational and pledge allegiance only to the bottom line. Income inequality with Republican priorities would be scary.

3) Good feelings? Give us a break. The Republicans orchestrated the tone of political discourse to regain control, which included unprecedented disrespect to the person who occupies the office of the presidency.

By playing fast and loose with birthers, racism, extreme social conservatism, the National Rifle Association and other targeted groups, the hatred for the president and Hillary Clinton is scary.

How did this strategy work out for Republicans? Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and their constituencies are doing well in the presidential race.

The shout-out to Gov. Nikki Haley for her GOP response to the State of the Union speech had to be a joke. Now with the release of prisoners from Iran, we await the columnist’s dismissal of that.


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